When Uncle Jack and the children find some homesick baby meerkats they decide to take them home to the Kalahari Desert. Getting there is easy in Uncle Jack’s balloon. But the desert is a dangerous place.
Can they keep them safe?

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Stage 4 400 headwords | A2 | Flyers | Classic

Would you like a wolf as a pet? This is the story of a wolf named White Fang and his journey through the world of men.

This is the story of White Fang, a wild wolf who falls into the hands of men. They use White Fang’s strength and are cruel to him so that he becomes fierce and dangerous. But through Scott, a different type of man,
White Fang learns that between animals and people there can be love and respect and loyalty.


Nature | Friendship | Loyalty


In this Reader you will find:

Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary


Vocabulary areas

Adjectives to describe character, weather, the world around us, body and face, home, time

Grammar and structures

Present, past, past continuous, present perfect, Will, may, Comparatives and superlatives, Adverbs, Look
like, Prepositions



An illustrated series of classics and specially-written stories

The titles in the series are organised in three levels according to the reader’s age and language competence (CEFR A1 – C2): Young ELI Readers, Teen ELI Readers and Young Adult ELI Readers. Each Reader is a work of high literary standing whether it be an adapted or unabridged classic or an original story written specifically for the series.


  • Specific sections designed to enrich the reading experience, aid reading comprehension and extend the student’s vocabulary: biographical notes; extension activities.


  • Eye-catching graphics by some of today’s leading illustrators to enhance comprehension and help the student to complete the exercises.


  • Exercises and activities to practise and extend all four language skills.


  • Audio CD contains a recording of the text, read by a mothertongue speaker.


  • FSC paper: a guarantee that the paper used comes exclusively from responsibly managed forests.

Editeur - Collection

ELI Publishing

European Language Institute. La maison d'édition ELI est depuis plus de trente ans leader dans le domaine de l'enseignement des langues étrangères. Ses publications parascolaires, ses mensuels linguistiques pour les enfants, ses cours de langues et ses publications pour l'école maternelle, l'école primaire, le collège, le lycée et l'université l'ont fait connaître dans le monde entier comme une entreprise de confiance et créative.

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